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FINDplus gecancelt

Heute morgen diese Email bekommen, ein tag zu spät, gestern alle essen und andere sachen fur die wochen bestellt, wie wissen noch nicht wie sauer geht und ob das und jetzt 6000 euro kostet so nebenbei…
Habe ein idee um Freitag oder so on Berlin jedenfalls das Essen was nicht bewahrt werden kann zu verteilen….

Dear All,

With great regret, we have to inform you, that due to an official decree of Berlin´s Senator of Culture and Europe, FIND Festival 2020 and therefore the FIND plus Program, has been officially cancelled tonight.

As the acute situation around COVID-19 has significantly increased also in Germany and Berlin during the last couple of days, the Senate Department for Culture has decided this evening to cancel all theatre performances in the major venues of Berlin in the period from March 11th until April 19th 2020 (more than 500 spectators).

Since FIND Festival is expecting more than 1,000 spectators daily, we are forced to follow the governmental instructions. There is unfortunately no alternative but to cancel the whole Festival.

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible how to proceed in all subsequent matters.

Also, in the name of the artistic and executive direction of Schaubühne, I am very sorry to have to deliver this disappointing news.

All the Best,

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